Keynote Speakers
Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade
Title: Industrial and Trade strategies in Iran
Director,Institute for Trade Studies and Research
Title: Industrial development in Iran
Peking University
Title: Industrial Policy Revisited: A New Structural Perspective Biography
International Labor Organization
Title: Capabilities for productive Transformation and Employment(ILO)
Advisor to the President on Economic Affairs, Director of Higher Institute for Training and Research on Management and Planning
Title: Macro-economic management and prospects of industrial and trade development of Iran
Malaysian Institute of Economic Research,MEIR
Title: The Malaysian Experience with Moving up the Global Value Chain for Various Products Biography
World Bank
Title: The Important Role of Women in Iran’s Economic and Industrial Policies
Title: Inclusive, Environmentally Sustainable Growth and Industrial Development Biography
Nihon University, Japan
Title: The role of industrial clusters in export diversification and moving up the global value chain Biography
Title: Industrial policy requirements
Title: Iran Trade Policies Connecting to the Markets Biography
International Industrial Policy Advisor and former Head of UNCTAD’S Trade Policy Analysis Branch
Title: : Development Strategy and Policies for an Oil Exporting Country: Prospects and Challenges of Industrialization and Employment Creation in Iran Biography

Symposium Location:

IRIB Int'l Conference Center, Chamran Highway (Opposite the Velenjak Gas Station), Tehran, Iran

Symposium Program

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